Changing to a different network

What about moving to Virgin Media?

Moving to Virgin MediaIf you are moving between an Openreach supplier and a different network, such as Virgin Media the process you need to follow is slightly different than an Openreach to Openreach transfer.

When changing from one network to another there are no agreed rules which allow you to just sign up and forget it, as is the case with Openreach to Openreach transfers. When you are moving to a different network you are almost always responsible for contacting your old broadband supplier and advising them that you wish to cancel your contract.

It’s generally best to do this by phone, as you can get confirmation of the date when your existing services will be terminated. Armed with this, you can then speak to your new supplier and agree a convenient date for when their new services are inmstalled and go live, to make sure you don’t end up with a period without any service at all. It’s worth noting that in most cases you will lose your old telephone number when moving to a different network, but not always.

It’s highly likely that before the new service can be activated or installed an engineer will need to come to your property to ensure everything is hooked up. This may or may not involve additional cables being installed, and/or sockets, but as a minimum means an engineer will arrive to make sure your line is working properly. Be aware that almost all such engineer appointments will be during working hours, so be prepared for this and arrange for someone to be at the property at the appointed time if necessary. Your new supplier will be able to advise you whether a visit is required in plenty of time to allow you to do this.