Email Template for Transfers

send an emailIf you are moving from one Openreach supplier to another and would like to ensure the transfer goes ahead without unexpected problems, it won’t do the least bit of harm to advise your old supplier of the transfer, in the correct way. The email template below follows a simple and clear format which we suggest you use, although you can obviously add whatever other comments or instructions you feel are appropriate. What is important is that you don’t use the word ‘cancel’ as this may lead to confusion.

Note that the email should show the name of the existing account holder and ideally be sent from the email address your existing supplier will have listed in your account details. Your account number will be on your bills and it helps to include it.

You can choose to include your new supplier name in the ( ) area below or simply omit it. The new supplier name is not required, but it doesn’t hurt to include it.


Dear Sirs,

Please accept this email as confirmation of my intention to transfer my phone and broadband services to a new provider in accordance with the Openreach code of practice. I have decided to transfer to a new broadband supplier and have placed an order for new phone and broadband services with (ADD SUPPLIER NAME) and hereby instruct you to accept their transfer request when it is submitted to you without needing to contact me for further confirmation.

My understanding is that I am outside my contractual minimum term but if this is not the case please respond in writing by return with the contract end date shown in your records and I will then advise my new suppliers to adjust the transfer date accordingly.

Kind regards,