Onestream Broadband – Supplier Review

Onestream Broadband

Onestream is a relatively new broadband supplier, having been launched into the UK residential broadband marketplace 2017. Like most major UK broadband suppliers, Onestream provide services using the Openreach network, so the services and speeds offered are unlikely to vary significantly from other bigger name suppliers, but their pricing over the past 15 months has been very competitive.

onestream broadbandSlightly unusually, most of Onestream’s offers available through the many comparison sites currently come with 12 month minimum term contracts, which makes them a good bet for students, those renting or other householders likely to move home in the future.

Broadband Products

Onestream offer the usual standard ADSL packages, called ‘Flow’, though in common with many broadband suppliers they are no longer actively advertising those deals as part of the Government’s drive to move consumers onto the faster, more reliable fibre network. They also offer 3 fibre FTTC packages. Onestream say the package price you sign up to will not be increased during your minimum contract term, which is reassuring.

Jetstream: This is Onestream’s entry-level fibre option and is quite unique, being a 20-2 package. Aimed at customers who want to upgrade from ADSL to fibre without increasing prices too much, or who don’t need (or can’t get) higher fibre speeds. The package offers max download speed of 20Mbps and max upload speed of 2Mbps, with average download speeds of 15Mbps. Currently priced at £19.99 on a 12 month minimum term, it’s a well-placed product which should serve light users very well.

Jetstream Max: Jetstream Max is a conventional 40-10 package, offering max download speeds of 40Mbps and upload speeds of 10Mbps. It’s again unlimited, so customers can download as much as they like. For most customers this will be more than good enough and is a definite step up from conventional ADSL broadband. Typically priced at around £22.99 a month on a 12 month contract, it also allows customers a lot of flexibility.

Xstream: Xstream is Onestream’s top package at the time of writing, being an 80-20 package, offering max download speeds of 80Mbps and upload speeds of 20Mbps. This sort of package is ideal for larger households or gamers and again offers unlimited downloads. Typically priced at around £26.99 a month on a 12 month contract, it offers the best speeds available on Openreach’s FTTC fibre network and is very good value for money compared to other providers.

Installation and getting online

Where a new installation is needed, Onestream charge £59.99, although if there is a ‘stopped’ line at the address that can be re-activated this comes down to £29.99, though these fees may vary according to promotions and special offers.

Customer service

Onetream’s customer service centre is based in their Hampshire offices and they can be reached by phone, email or live chat on their website. As with all broadband suppliers, getting through to customer services can be hit and miss, particularly during busy periods. Weekends are Onestream’s weakness, as their offices are closed from 5.30pm Fridays through to 8.30am on Mondays, but this is expected to change during 2020. Of course, the vast majority of customers never need to contact their broadband supplier once they’ve gone online, so it’s unlikely you’ll ever notice the difference.