What broadband can I get?

What broadband can I get at my home?

The simple answer to “what type of broadband can I get?” is “it depends”, and what it depends on is your address.
Fast broadband coverage
The term ‘postcode lottery’ is used to describe everything from mobile network coverage to the price of beer, but it truly does apply to home broadband. The go-to network for most people will be Openreach, simply because they have the UK’s largest network.

Virgin Media operate the lartest alternative network but, although they’re growing at a rate of knots, they don’t yet have full national coverage, and the same applies to smaller, regional, providers.

For the majority of homes, your broadband services will be provided by the Openreach network – regardless of the name on your bill. If you’re wondering about that; Openreach own and run the network, and then suppliers like BT, Zen, Onestream and so on bill you for access to it.

What kinds of broadband are there?

Assuming you don’t want to get bogged down in technical details, it’s fair to say that there are 3 main types of home broadband available to UK households.

The lowest cost is ADSL broadband, the original ‘standard’ broadband you’d have been excited to be getting ten years ago but which now is relatively slow. Next up the ladder is Superfast FTTC Fibre and then for the lucky few, we have Ultrafast FTTP Fibre with potential download speeds that can make your eyes water.

Very few households will find they can get all three types and some are still restricted to a choice of ADSL or nothing. Each broadband supplier will run your address through their own availability checker when you start an order so you’ll know straight away what’s available to you. If you’d like to run an independent availability check you can use the Ofcom or Openreach availability checkers below which can give you the required answers without trying to sell something to you at the same time!

Check what’s available

For an independent check, you can use Openreach’s and Ofcom’s availability checkers to see what broadband services are available at your home. Click either of the buttons below to open the availability checker in a new tab.

Openreach Availability
Ofcom Availability
Openreach Availability
Ofcom Availability

Money talks, if you have enough

Money talks, and if you have an address where fibre is not available but you are willing to pay a 4-5 figure sum to get it, Openreach and some of the smaller FTTP suppliers will often agree to run in a new dedicated line to your address. However, it’s not guaranteed, takes a while and can cost the earth! We know this because our (shared) offices were recently fitted out with FTTP.