What is FTTP fibre broadband?

What is FTTP fibre broadband?

FTTP fibre broadband is one one several terms which describe a complete fibre broadband connection. The initials mean “fibre to the premises” and it’s exactly what it says on the tin. FTTP uses a national fibre optic network but instead of the fibre line stopping at your local cabinet, the fibre cable goes straight into your home, allowing you to connect directly to the network without any copper cable involvement.

fibre broadband for familiesSpeeds are typically significantly higher than FTTC fibre broadband, but costs are also higher. The actual speeds you get will depend on the package you sign up to, but can be in excess of 300Mbps in today’s market, and in some areas even faster.

Openreach are building their own FTTP network but Virgin Media are the highest-profile suppliers, with their own well-established fibre network. There are also many smaller providers entering the FTTP marketplace, such as Gigaclear, Hyperoptic and Zen.

Most new properties are now being fitted with FTTP as standard, as are many properties which undergo rebuilding or serious renovations. However, before setting your heart on warp-speed broadband, check your address can get it in the first place. Currently, it’s only available to around 10% of the UK population.

Is FTTP any good?

Absolutely, even if it’s not widely available yet. FTTP fibre broadband is ideal for those who want or need a much faster speeds and can afford the increased cost. If you only use the internet occasionally or don’t have a specific need for very high speeds, FTTC fibre broadband may be a better choice but if you’re a heavy user, have multiple household members constantly online, streaming, shopping, downloading or gaming, or simply want the best speeds, FTTP may be the ideal choice for you, always assuming it’s available.

The government aimed to see FTTP connectivity extended to 3 million homes by 2020, and while this is unlikely to happen, FTTP will eventually become the norm, even if it takes a while.